Wings the Marines of HMM-165
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Crew Chief Sgt Palasciano and his bird, YW-11, are ready on the flight deck of the USS Peleliu off the coast of East Timor. This mission's aircraft commander is Capt. Lianez. These Marines are supporting "Operation Stabilize." The CH-46s flew troop lifts of British Gurkas and Filipino Army soldiers to support relief efforts, and the Squadron's CH-53s flew needed food supplies to the beleaguered nation. - photo courtesy of Capt. James Miller -
LtCol Guy M. Close, the Squadron's CO at the time, was sitting in the HAC seat (starboard seat) and Capt. Miller was the CoPilot. Yankee Whiskey - 01 has just had an external load of supplies hooked by the deck crew during "Exercise Red Reef 10" off the coast of Saudi Arabia. - photo courtesy of Capt. James Miller -
Crew Chief Sgt Scasino peers out and is concentrating on the activities below his YW-01 aircraft from the starboard-side hatch as he coaches his pilot upward. We can see this coordinated effort has the next external load taut and ready to clear the deck of the USS Peleliu. - photo courtesy of Capt. James Miller -
An Gathering of White Knights - During a Reunion of White Knights hosted by The Squadron stationed at Miramar, active duty Marines posed for a group photo in front of YW-00. Click on the photo for a larger photo - photo courtesy of John Dullighan -
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